Beyoncé Just Added Major Fuel To Those Pregnancy Rumours!

Is another baby on the way?

Beyoncé Just Added Major Fuel To Those Pregnancy Rumours! Beyoncé Instagram

Yesterday, everyone started freaking out after Beyoncé rubbed her stomach and smiled on stage extremely reminiscent of how she announced her first pregnancy to Blue Ivy whilst performing at The Grammys back in 2011.

Now, Queen Bey has added even more fuel to rumours that baby number four is on the way after she posted this photo to Instagram last night:


Not only is Bey posing with her arm masking her stomach, but she’s standing right next to a giant number four!!

This has fans convinced this is her way of hinting she and Jay Z are preparing for BABY NUMBER FOUR!

Fans also noted that before Bey announced she was having twins, the 22-time Grammy winner posted photos holding up the number two and three in multiple posts, hinting she was carrying twins, bringing their child count up to three.


It's also worth nothing four is Beyoncé's favourite number, the day she got married, and the name of her fourth album. 

Do you think Beyoncé is expecting her fourth child or are we all looking too far into things?

Let us know what you think in our Facebook comments! 

And if you’re wondering why this is a big deal, it’s because a) Beyoncé & Jay Z are basically our Royal Family, so we need to know if a new royal prince or princess is coming, and b) If Beyoncé is pregnant, we just need to mentally prepare for news there won’t be a tour any time soon.

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