Ariana Grande's Instagram Hacked In Horrible Way

This needs to STOP

Ariana Grande's Instagram Hacked In Horrible Way

Ariana Grande is the latest celeb victim of online account hackings, when, according to NME, a hacker took control of her Instagram account and began posting "obscene messages and images."

Her account was compromised and the hacker left various images featuring racial slurs and profanities on her page. 

Before many were aware that it was the work of a hacker, some thought it was Ariana herself leaving the obscene content. 

Nicki Minaj commented on one of the hacker's posts with a skeptical face emoji, implying something must be off, before the hacker responded to her and said that she "was next."


Nicki's account has not been comprised and the posts on Ariana's page have since been deleted and her account reinstated. 

After the incident, Ariana took to the app to post a gif of a woman rapidly shaking around her arms and head, captioning the image, "Y'all when I got hacked this a.m."