Amanda Bynes Has Tweeted For The First Time In A Year

She's back!

Amanda Bynes Has Tweeted For The First Time In A Year Warner Bros.

After stepping out of the spotlight for over five years, engaging in just one interview, and staying off of social media for almost a year, Amanda Bynes has posted!


The What A Girl Wants star took to Twitter last week to post a little snap out with the girls!

“Dinner with friends at Girasol💋


This may not seem like much, but for fans of the 2000s queen, this is big!

Just last December, Amanda's lawyer said that the actress and fashion student is “looking forward to completing fashion school and dipping her toe back into acting” in 2018.

You guys… it’s 2018 RIGHT NOW!

Is Amanda about to embark on a new acting project? Would she treat us with another hilarious rom-com or delve into a gritty drama? 

Whether she returns to Hollywood or not, she’s apparently sober and looks to be hanging out with some fabulous ladies!

Welcome back Amanda, let's hope she doesn't leave it so long this time! 

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