Alex Nation Is Reportedly Engaged Already!

After 3 months!

Alex Nation Is Reportedly Engaged Already! @alexandranation Instagram

After only three months together, Alex Nation is now reportedly engaged to Maegan Luxa!

NW magazine has reported that the couple plan to wed just outside of Melbourne and a 'source' said that although it was very sudden, the proposal made both women very happy.


The 'source' also told the magazine that Maegan gave Alex a "stunning pear-shaped diamond ring" and usually, we don't really rely on the word of an unnamed source because you know, they've been wrong before...

However, The Daily Mail has published photos of the couple walking around Melbourne together and Alex wearing a pear-shaped diamond ring!

Well then, maybe it is true?

We're not making any assumptions here, because you know what they say about people who assume things...

If Alex and Maegan are engaged, then congratulations, guys!

If they're not, then let's just all move on...