'13 Reasons Why’s’ Katherine Langford Joins Avengers 4 Cast


'13 Reasons Why’s’ Katherine Langford Joins Avengers 4 Cast Instagram @ Katherine Langford

In some exciting news, Australian actress and star of the acclaimed series 13 Reasons Why, Katherine Langford, has been cast in the next Avengers film!

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news that she will join Avengers 4 today, however they stated that no character details have yet been made available. 


Marvel Studios has not commented on the news, opting to keep everything shrouded in secrecy so we’re hit with a surprise when the film comes ‘round. 

Katherine has built quite the career for herself thus far, earning a Golden Globe nomination for 13 Reasons Why, starring in the beloved film Love, Simon, and she has also scored a role in Netflix’s new project, Cursed, from the creator of Sin City. 


Avengers 4 will opens May 3, 2019, so we can’t wait to see who her character is!

Congrats Katherine!


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