Why Australia Is Allowed To Enter The Eurovision Song Contest

It's in the rule book!

Why Australia Is Allowed To Enter The Eurovision Song Contest

At 5am on Sunday morning, the whole world will be watching the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, also marking the fourth year with an Australian entrant.

It will also be the fourth year Twitter will be inundated with people asking HOW we’re allowed to qualify, when Australia isn’t in, or even close, to Europe.

So, why are we allowed in?

It can’t just be because we were always the number one country outside of Europe to tune in each year, thanks to our large migrant population and love of all things fabulous?

Turns out there’s more to it.

Back in 2014, Jessica Mauboy gave a special performance at Eurovision, not as an entrant, but because we were invited by host country Denmark (probs Princess Mary’s doing tbh) for some quality entertainment during halftime.

Then, a year later we watched on as Guy Sebastian made history on stage, not only performing as a REAL entrant, but coming in 5th place!

So, what’s the deal?

It turns out we found a teeeeeeny loophole in order to compete, thanks to SBS.

All performing countries must be part of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), who actually run the contest, which SBS is a part of! They can also be a part of the Council of Europe.

This is why Israel, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia all compete, why Britain is still able to compete after Brexit, and why Morocco even entered once in 1980!

This does not mean Australia automatically gets to enter every year... we did say that loophole was tiny.

Instead, we must be invited back each year.

If we do ever take home the title, it’s said we will host the following year’s competition in either the UK or Germany. 

Listen as Joel Creasey dishes on all things Eurovision 2018 and saucy after parities below! 

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