These Super Fans Are Going To All 18 Ed Sheeran Shows

They are roughing it for the star!

These Super Fans Are Going To All 18 Ed Sheeran Shows Instagram: dividetourausnz

Everyone is a fan of Ed Sheeran (why wouldn’t you be?) but many wouldn’t match up to these six fans, who are currently travelling Australia. Their mission: Go to all 18 shows of the Divide World Tour. That’s right. EIGHTEEN!


We spoke to Melbournian Caity Gough who told us about her adventures on the road, including the time Ed bought her and her crew pizza!

“When I get asked ‘If you could say one thing to Ed, what would it be’… I say ‘bring me pizza and beer’… So in Adelaide he got pizzas delivered and told [the deliverers] to tell us it was from him. I made a poster with one of the boxes at the Adelaide show saying ‘thank you for my pizza’. He came out and saw it straight away and gave us the cheekiest smile.” 


Caity, Stephanie, Jessika, Jack, Jess and Jolene have already travelled to three cities and have had quite the experience. The group, aged from 18-26, plan to camp out at each venue to ensure they get the best spot and have improvised their diet.

“We started off getting Uber Eats and a lot of Maccas but as the tour goes on the funds start to disappear so now we have turned to our creative side,” Caity said, “We have a jaffle maker and kettle for tin spaghetti toasties and two minute noodles.”


Even though there are some downfalls, like a lack of sleep, the team are having a terrific time. $7,000 well spent!

“My favourite part is being together and experiencing this with each other. We have a tour song, ‘Photograph’, and when Ed performs it.. in that moment it feels like there is only six of us in the entire stadium”, Caity said before referencing a lyric from the song – “We made these memories for ourselves.”

We hope these guys have the best time!