There's A Tiny Detail You Won't Want To Miss At Taylor Swift's Concert!

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There's A Tiny Detail You Won't Want To Miss At Taylor Swift's Concert! William Buck

Fireworks, flames and giant inflatable snakes, Taylor Swifts’ reputation Stadium Tour has it all!

It was one of the most anticipated shows of 2018 and we were not Ready For It. Taylor exploded, quite literally, onto the stage accompanied by smoke cannons and fireworks; she’s never been one for subtlety, but we are definitely not complaining!

So, is the old Taylor really dead? No way! Although the days of fairytale-esque sets are over, Taylor’s humble heart remains, and she was just as excited to be spending her night with us, as we were to be spending ours with her.

‘We’re so happy to be back in Australia! You guys always set the bar for how crazy fans can be!’

She then took us back in time, with a song that everyone knows, even if they won’t admit it, Love Story! So yes, the old Taylor is very much alive and doing better than she ever was!

Of course, a Taylor show wouldn’t be complete without an acoustic moment. Her stage presence is next level. After flying (yes flying), across the stadium in the rain during Delicate, and then pumping up the crowd with Shake it Off, she picked up a green guitar.

 ‘I was thinking about the last time that I was here in Perth, it was 2013 and I was thinking like, maybe I’ll play a song that I might have played last time you saw me.’  

Taylor then launched into I Knew You Were Trouble; the surprise song of the night. She’s got a big reputation, but no one saw that coming!

Storytelling is Taylors’ strength and this tour is no different. There was a literal ‘tilted stage’ during Look What You Made Me Do, ‘Karyn’ the giant snake, mini newspapers for confetti, a huge water fountain and a killer voice that literally takes you to heaven and back during Don’t Blame Me. Not to mention the acrobats in the Bad Blood/Should’ve Said No mashup, THREE stages and the stunning visuals on the huge LED screens!

Call it What You Want, but I’m calling the Reputation Stadium Tour the best show of 2018, and I’d do it over and over and over again if I could. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and...




To grab your tickets to see Taylor on her Aussie tour, click here.

By Georgia Manifold

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