The Sugababes Are Reuniting To Release NEW Music

Round, round baby...

The Sugababes Are Reuniting To Release NEW Music Sugababes VEVO

We live in an age where TV and movie reboots are the norm and get on our nerves, but one thing we do love is the reunion of some of our fave bands from our childhood and teen years. 

So, when we heard the OG Sugababes were getting back together with new music, boy oh boy were we excited. 

Need a refresher? You should remember their tracks ‘Round, Round, ‘Push The Button’ and ‘Too Lost In You’.

Sugababes member Keisha Buchanan took to Twitter to break the internet, explaining how one of her recent jokes was sensationalised… and then added a little side comment that had everyone jumping for you. 

“My friend hit me up today about an article in the paper telling the story of how I made a “joke” regarding Prince Charles… I absolutely love EVERYONE in the Royal family & like most people Diana. There was nothing to sensational about it.”



Not only this, but she also posted a pic that basically confirmed the whole ‘the Sugababes are reuniting’ rumour!


Who else is keen for NEW Sugababes music?!

We know we are!!!


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