The Scoop On Fatman Scoop You NEVER Knew!

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The Scoop On Fatman Scoop You NEVER Knew! Instagram @ Fatman Scoop

We’re all super excited for the EPIC upcoming party that is RnB Friday’s LIVE and have been playing all our fave RnB songs on repeat… 

And one of our faves comes from the super talented Fatman Scoop


While you all know his music like the back of your hand, you might not know a few things about Fatman Scoop that are surprising!

So we will fill you in!

His REAL name

We all know him as Fatman Scoop, but you might not know the real name behind this talented guy!

He was born Isaac Freeman, in 1968, and has been known by his stage name by many around the world for years. 

Why ‘Fatman Scoop’?

In an interview with Madison Jaye in 2014, Fatman Scoop revealed that he got his stage name from his Uncle Jack, who would always call him “Fatman Scoop” as he loved to eat ice cream. 

It was previously thought he got the stage name after appearing as a cinema worker who served popcorn and ice-cream in a Fugees' music video, ‘Killing Me Softly’.

He was already referred to Fatman Scoop before the video came out. 

He Hosts His Own Podcast on sex & relationships

You might not know that Fatman Scoop likes to help others in the realms of sex and relationships. 

He’s hosted his own podcast on the Man and Wife channel!

He’s a No.1 Dad

While he likes to keep his personal life private, he took to Instagram to fulfil his daughter’s birthday wish, posting a touching message about his wonderful daughter Tiana, who wanted to get some new followers. 

"I promised I would do this for her birthday. Follow my daughter @tiana_evangeline 

But if she does anything SNITCH on her to me.... Rarely do i get "squishy" and emotional, or post pictures of family (not about that) I'm gonna break both of my rules and post a picture of one of my favorite people in the world- and the love of my life, my daughter Tiana @tiana_evangeline 

"She is growing up to be a beautiful young lady and it scares the shit out of me because now I have to be the dad dealing with these kids trying to date my daughter knowing they want the same thing I wanted when I was 16 (me and her brother will deal with them) She may be a pain in the but but she is MY PAIN IN THE BUT."


She milked the ‘dad card’ for all it was worth, just like we all would. 

He’s a Celebrity Big Brother alumni

In 2015, Fatman Scoop entered Celebrity Big Brother house. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t take home the win, but everyone loved seeing him on the show!

His unexpected street performance

Fatman Scoop joined a busker on the London Underground to help her earn a few extra bucks. 

The busker was singing Amy Winehouse’sValerie’ when he joined in as her ‘hype man’. 

It was a golden moment!

Fatman Scoop will be heading to Australia in October for RnB Friday’s LIVE 2017 with a bunch of his RnB mates, to check out the full lineup PLUS how to get your tickets, click here!