Sophie Monk Takes A Swipe At Paris Hilton Over Heartbreak

We hope she finds love!

Sophie Monk Takes A Swipe At Paris Hilton Over Heartbreak Channel Ten

We all can’t wait to see the loveable and down-to-earth Sophie Monk find love on this year’s season of The Bachelorette. 

But there’s no denying that Sophie has had her share of heartbreak over the years, and she has just opened up about her previous relationship with Good Charlotte singer Benji Madden and Paris Hilton’s nasty antics when they split. 

After two years with her then fiancé Benji, the pair amicably broke up. 


But that’s not how Paris had made it seem at the time, when she started dating Benji and the drama took its toll on Sophie. 

She spoke with Stellar magazine about the incident, saying, “She started saying that she stole him off me, which is bullish**.

“All of a sudden, I looked like a socialite, just from dating someone who was dating her.

“It changed everyone’s perspective of me and my brand.”

Sophie had been trying to build her name for a decade, but the negative attention made her career even tougher and it became more emotionally taxing on her to live in LA alone. 

She revealed that dating in Hollywood is a whole different league. 

"There are no rules for celebrities. Everyone is a brat. Everyone is trying to sell themselves all the time because they are so insecure, so you become insecure.”


We really hope that Sophie finds the one on The Bachelorette!

She deserves it!