Six Times Everyone Lost Their Minds At Harry Styles' Melbourne Show

The screaming was at its peak!

Six Times Everyone Lost Their Minds At Harry Styles' Melbourne Show Instagram: @harrydailybr

Stalls shaking, screams peaking. That's how it felt when Harry Styles took to the stage at Melbourne's Hisense Arena on Tuesday 24th of April. With a vast majority of fans growing up with the star since One Direction began, everyone was fairly pumped up.

After last night, there is no doubt in my mind that Harry can work a crowd - the audience went NUTS! Here are a few of the times where everyone really freaked out...

1. When he first arrived on stage...

After a few false alarms, people lost it when he finally walked out. Is it really him?!!


2. When he spoke any words...

Harry definitely brought the banter to the stage, pointing out several members of the crowd individually. Someone even threw a bra...


3. When he shared his incredible love for Daryl Braithwaite...

Mr Styles REALLY likes the classic song 'Horses'. He prompted the audience to sing it many times. It was even the track played during the (predictable) encore break.


4. When he walked through the crowd...

Eagle eyed fans in the stands will have noticed a small second stage at the back of the arena. Harry walked down the middle of the crowd to reach it, giving lucky fans the chance to get a cheeky high five.


5. When he sung a One Direction song...

IT REALLY HAPPENED! Harry performed his own personal rendition of 'What Makes You Beautiful'. As mentioned, there were A LOT for 1D fans in the room, so this was a highlight.


6. When he finished up with 'Sign of the Times' and 'Kiwi'

Being two singles from his debut album, fans were the most excited to hear these songs. Kiwi was especially thrilling and everyone felt a bit rock and roll.


It's safe to say my ears are still ringing, but it was worth it. Harry seemed free on stage and it was an incredible contrast between his performances with One Direction and last night's show. It seems he is finally in his element - and I want more!

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