Mel B Confirms The Spice Girls Will Be Performing At The Royal Wedding!

Meghan is living the dream!

Mel B Confirms The Spice Girls Will Be Performing At The Royal Wedding!

Mel B has pretty much confirmed that she and the rest of the Spice Girls will be performing at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding after letting it slip all five members have been invited.

For the majority of 2018, us Spice Girls fans have been on a rollercoaster of emotions.

First, we heard news that the highest selling musical girl group of all time had reunited for a little meeting with their old manager back in January. Then, TMZ reported they were planning on touring the UK and the US, before Victoria Beckham shut it all down saying no tour was happening.

Well now, prepare to have your emotions toyed with once again, because appearing on US talk show The Real, Melanie B was asked point blank about being invited to the wedding as well as if the Spice Girls would be performing and she couldn't lie! 

Take a look:


“Do you know anybody that you think is gonna go to this wedding?”

Nodding her head and freaking out just a little, Mel B confirmed, “Well us five Spice Girls... why am I so honest?”

She was then asked, “Will the Spice Girls be performing at the reception?” which caused her to lose it completely, shaking her head and throwing her papers in the air!

“I swear, I need to go. I’m gonna be fired.”

Yes, Meghan Markle is not only marrying Prince Harry, the Spice Girls are performing at her wedding, which means she has achieved every dream you had as a kid.

She did it!

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