Matthew Mitcham's Saucy Poem For Bruno Mars

Ooh la la!

Matthew Mitcham's Saucy Poem For Bruno Mars Matthew Mitcham Instagram

Like many of us, Bruno Mars is the love if our life. But we're in competition with Olympic legend/performer and now jewellery designer Matthew Mitcham.

We heard Matthew even shot his own proposal to Bruno, after designing him his very own RING with Affinity Diamonds.

Matthew is of course the Creative Director for their H&H Collection, Australia’s first collection of wedding jewellery designed specifically for same-sex couples, so he has that kind of power.


Well, we wanted to do our part in helping Matty track down Bruno, so he recorded this GORGEOUS poem for us!


B - Is for your BIG brown eyes

R - Is for your infection RHYMES

U - Is for your UNBEATABLE style

N - Is for 'Nothing On You' (one of Matt's faves)

O - Is for what Matt will give Bruno every night... mind out of the gutters kids, he means standing OVATION!

We have our fingers and toes crossed for Matty...but if for some reason there's not a Bachelor/MAFS-esque happy ending... we're more than happy to taker care of that BLINGIN' ring for Bruno!