LISTEN: Kanye West New Song Says ‘Poop’ On A Loop & WTF?

Alrighty then...

LISTEN: Kanye West New Song Says ‘Poop’ On A Loop & WTF?

Kanye is no stranger to the spotlight of some controversy and he’s married into a family that  knows the ins and outs of it, too. 

So when we heard he would be releasing new music, we were prepared for something out of the normal. 

However, now that we’ve actually listened to the tracks, we are double guessing ourselves.

Kanye took to social media yesterday to reveal he dropped some new tunes to his official website, so we clicked on over to his site and found ourselves listening to a track that says “poopidy scoopidy poop” over and over again. 


We’re not joking, there’s a lot of poop in his song and we don’t know how to handle it. 

Have a listen to the track HERE and click on the tune! 

Let us know what YOU think of the song in the Facebook comments!


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