Here Are Some Of The Most Ridiculous Things You Can Do During Coachella

This is what dreams are made of...

Here Are Some Of The Most Ridiculous Things You Can Do During Coachella

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So basically, Coachella is literally happening right now and while we will never really be able to afford to go… we can dream.

It’s no secret that Coachella is next level and you can do some pretty outrageous things… but it turns out, there’s actually so much you can do that we HAD NO IDEA about.

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WARNING: the following text may make you jealous.

Here are some of our most favourite… yet ridiculous, things you can do during Coachella.


Now, if you have some extra cash... and if you do end up going to Coachella, this is a must.

It makes the whole experience just a little bit more fun!!

You can hire a glamping tent for $7,500, which is much cheaper than some of the houses around and also a bit more glam than a normal tent!

They are Safari tents and you can get all the info about them here.

It includes a Shikar style tent with one or two queen beds, air-conditioning, golf cart transportation to festival stages, concierge service, breakfast,  late-night snacks and “guest” viewing areas.

There are also private restrooms and showers, which let’s be real, WE ALL NEED!

Oh and never fear, there’s also an Internet cafe with free Wi-Fi.


If you wanna do things the way the rich and famous do… literally celebs do NOT camp… so, there is always the option of renting a luxury house.

Yup... what a life.

Celebrities rent their own next level houses for the Coachella weekend.

Most of them choose to stay in Palm Springs, which is approximately 45 mins from the festival.

The houses around Palm Spring also have parties on during Coachella, which most celebs go to before hitting up the festival… and well... they often get paid to go. Goals.

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Basically you can just have this ridiculous dinner cooked for you in the field… problem is… it will set you back about $225.

It includes one 4-course meal cooked by professional chefs in the beautiful Coachella VIP Rose Garden. You'll receive a welcoming cocktail, with beer & wine are included through out the dinner.

Your ticket will allow you to choose from one of two dinner seating times on one festival night.

You can also add on a VIP Rose Garden ticket… which you can choose from two packages, Dinner + GA pass ($225 + $399) or Dinner + VIP pass ($225 + $899)

You MUST have a normal Coachella festival pass to attend.


Yeah, you can camp in your car for only $113 a car… tbh this is our affordable option…

Car Camping spots are 10’x30’ and you can have as many people camping in your spot as you can comfortably fit.

You can have the spot for the entire weekend, but once you’re parked, your car has to stay in your spot for the entire weekend.

Get more info here!


Yup, you heard it, believe it or not you can actually go shopping while you’re at the music festival.

There are so many options... whether it be music, clothes, or fan memorabilia, you will find it!

Coachella has a number of general stores and tent shops that cater for everyone, including a boutique!


If you're not a fan of all the traffic on the way to Coachella… you can always go the A-lister way… by chopper!

Just get on at Santa Monica or Van Nuys and it will only take one hour to get to Palm Springs, you will then arrive to the festival party ready!

The price is a bit on the expensive side… it will set you back about $695 a seat in an A-Star chopper or King Air 200 aircraft.

Flights are run by the company Blade and last year many celebrities, including Joe Jonas and his band DNCE, took the helicopter option!

For more information go to

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Your Coachella weekend may be more stressful than you first thought… so never fear, you can actually take a Yoga or Pilates class.

Each class is located in the Camping Center between the Dome and Activities tent.

They also have professional Yoga and Pilates instructors to help you get through your weekend .


YOGA: 7.30am; 8.30am, 9.30am, 11.30am

PILATES: FRI 9.30am & 12.30am, SAT/SUN 10.30am & 12.30PM


If Yoga or Pilates isn’t for you… and you’re more of a massage or foot soak type of person, you’re also covered.

Coachella has set up the Wellness Center where you can relax your mind, body and soul… and then well… hit up the dance floor after!

It is located next to the activities tent, the spa even offers massage chairs for only $1 per minute.

This list could honestly go on for days!! For all information about Coachella, check their website out here.