Harry Styles Owned The Stage In Sydney Last Night & It Was Like Magic

Screams, tears and horses

Harry Styles Owned The Stage In Sydney Last Night & It Was Like Magic Harry Styles Instagram

It’s no secret that when you think of Harry Styles, most of our minds go straight to the band, One Direction... but that has changed. 

We think it is pretty safe to say that Harry is strongly standing on his own, with a powerful message and inspiring the world more than ever.


This is Harry’s first solo tour since the band’s break-up and last night he owned the Qudos Bank Arena stage in Sydney like something we have never seen before.



He asked everyone that they would do one thing last night, which was, “Please feel free to be whoever you would like tonight” and that is what we did, we allowed ourselves to get lost in the moment, and Harry became the live soundtrack to our lives.

Harry is only 24 and he is magic, that is literally the only way to put it. 


His energy filled the entire room and his voice created goosebumps on everyone in the entire arena.

And well, the screams were on a whole other level.


Harry sang songs from his album… and then joked that he only had 10 songs… but promised he would sing more… and that he did. 

He even added in a song we ALL KNOW... Harry sang Happy Birthday to one very lucky fan who was celebrating her 30th birthday last night... GOALS! 

Naturally, a fan favourite was when he jammed out to 'What Makes You Beautiful' some newbies that fans had never heard before, and of course his album hits like, 'Sign Of The Times'.


Another fan favourite… especially from the mums was when he kept singing 'Horses' by Daryl Braithwaite and then revealed that he had face timed Daryl the night before… so we can confirm that Harry is basically an Aussie now.


He showed his love for Australia even more when he played 'You're The Voice' by John Farnham- A CLASSIC- in the encore break… which he warned everyone by saying, “ I am going to pretend like I have finished, and then you are all going to wonder where I went, and then it’s going to be about two or three minutes and then I am going to come back out and play some more songs, in that time, you can either choose to wonder where I went, or show each other as much love as you can and sing this song as loud as you can.”

And that we did.

You can really tell how much Harry loves his fans, loves Australia and just LOVES that he gets to do this for a living, this young lad is unstoppable and we can't wait to have him back soon.

If you are ever second guessing whether to see Harry live or not, the answer should always be DO IT.