Fan Videos Responding To Lady Gaga’s New Song Have Caused Controversy

Everyone's gaga over Gaga!

Fan Videos Responding To Lady Gaga’s New Song Have Caused Controversy

We all fell in love with Lady Gaga’s new song, ‘The Cure’, the moment our ears were blessed with its heartwarming lyrics and sweet melodies. 

Now, in a bid to give the song some further promo, fans all around the world have been responding to her song with hilarious, yet mildly controversial videos, and the Gaga is loving it!

Gaga recently responded to tweets from fans who sent funny viral videos her way, claiming in the parodies that her new song ‘The Cure’ literally cured their families. So much so that it has been ‘FDA approved’. 

The fans are pushing for everyone to listen to the song, saying, “Stream it once. Stream it twice. Or even all night long."

These fan made videos are definitely out of the ordinary, but it just goes to show how much everyone goes gaga over Gaga!

With healthcare systems around the world undergoing drastic changes, we love how these videos joke that Gaga’s song is the "alternative to healthcare “ that "has never been so timely.” 

Gaga’s song is sending a message out there for us all to embrace love and let it cure our souls. 

Please Note: The song is not an alternative to health care. This song will not actually cure physical ailments you have, as the videos parody, so please seek professional medical advice if anything is worrying you. 

Other than that, let Gaga’s song be the beacon of light you need in the darkness.