Whip Out Ya Wands: A Harry Potter Documentary Is Coming To TV!

OR Better yet, get it on DVD!

Whip Out Ya Wands: A Harry Potter Documentary Is Coming To TV! Warner Bros.

No matter how old we get, Harry Potter will always bring the magic into our lives that we seem to be missing, and we will be fans forever. 

If you’re like us then you’re about to be VERY excited, because a new Harry Potter documentary is coming to TV screens next month and we cannot contain our enthusiasm. 


According to Alt Press, the producers of Netflix smash hit show Riverdale are going to bring the documentary ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’, to TV screens again for us all to witness!

The documentary first aired on BBC, but it’s now going to air on the CW on Wednesday 11 April - so if you’ve got Foxtel we are VERY jealous of you right now. 


Can’t wait for this to air, or can’t get access to watch it? Don’t worry!

You can purchase the DVD from the ABC shop HERE


The documentary will explore a museum exhibition of the same title, and will show us some amazing BTS footage from all the films. 

It’s also narrated by Imelda Staunton - who you should all know is the woman who plays Dolores Umbridge

Let us know what you think of the documentary if you’ve seen it!


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