What The Baby From ‘The Hangover’ Looks Like Now

He's TEN...

What The Baby From ‘The Hangover’ Looks Like Now Warner Bros. Pictures

We should all remember little baby Carlos/Tyler, whom Zach Galifianakis decides to call his own child in the first The Hangover film. 

Poor little kid was carried into the midst of some serious chaos, but hey, he looked hella cute in those sunglasses. 

We all laughed over seeing him in the 2009 movie, but little Carlos/Tyler isn’t so little anymore and we’ve found out what he looks like now!


The character was played by two adorable babies: Grant Holmquist and his twin sister Avery

The twins are now ten years old & their mum took to Instagram to share a snap of their family now. 


We now feel really old….