This Titanic Theory Is Mind Blowing & Our Hearts Are Breaking


This Titanic Theory Is Mind Blowing & Our Hearts Are Breaking

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures. 

Source: Reddit / Buzzfeed. 

Titanic is and always will be one of those films that completely changes things for everyone. 

It has the ability to make us laugh and smile, to shock us, to make us fall in love, and to send us into a ball of tears. 

Ever since the film was released, everyone keeps wondering why the hell Rose never let Jack on that board with her. 

Seriously, there was enough room for the two of them, and research has proved it. 

However, one bizarre fan theory thinks it has the whole situation figured out!

No matter how bizarre this seems, some fans think this Reddit user has it down pat. 


The theory goes as such: Leonardo DiCaprio’s beloved character Jack wasn’t actually real. 

He was a figment of Rose’s imagination. 

According to the theory, Rose suffered a psychotic episode on the ship, after learning she was to marry Cal

The first time Rose meets Jack is when she’s about to jump from the ship, and the theory explains that Jack was just a projection of Rose’s subconscious wanting to save her. 

He tells her, “You’re gonna die if you don’t break free."


It further says that there was no record of Jack being on the ship (besides, you know, people seeing him… and he didn’t exactly get the ticket in the most legit way). 


The theory then goes on to say that 101-year-old Rose’s comment, “He exists now only in my memory”, proves that he wasn’t real. 


Lastly, even though there WAS enough room on the board for the two, Rose had to let go of Jack as he wasn’t real, and she needed to ‘come to terms’ with reality. 


This doesn’t explain how all the people at the dinner people saw Jack, but, you know, good try buddy. 

Our hearts will still go on.