This New Movie Is New Zealand Comedy At Its Absolute Finest!

Taika Waititi helped make it!

This New Movie Is New Zealand Comedy At Its Absolute Finest! Madman Films

What's the best movie to come out of New Zealand since the year 2000?

Most people would say one of the Lord Of the Rings films, but none of them has Kiwis just being themselves and let's be honest, most New Zealanders are hilarious!

Personally, I think What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt For The Wilder People are two of the best movies made by our friends across the Tasman and funnily enough, they were made by the same guy!


Taika Waititi made both of the films I just mention and he also directed a little film called Thor: Ragnarok... you might not have seen it.

This guy knows how to make us laugh until our sides hurt and his new movie is nothing short of genius!

The Breaker Upperers is a movie about two women who work 9 'til 5, breaking up relationships because their clients are too scared to do it themselves.

Can't tell your boyfriend that he's just not your type? These girls will do it for you!

When Mel falls for one of their clients, who has asked them to break up with his girlfriend for him, things quickly go downhill when they realise that the guy's girlfriend is extremely hardcore.

The trailer is absolutely amazing and if this is just snippets of the film, I bet everything else is pure comedy gold!

Kiwis, they know what's up!

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