This New Movie About 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Is More Relatable Than You'd Think!

Fifty Shades in a new way!

This New Movie About 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Is More Relatable Than You'd Think! Paramount Pictures

When the first Fifty Shades Of Grey book gained popularity in 2011, every woman around the world found themselves immersed in the world of Christan Grey and his lover Anastasia Steele.

The books have already been adapted into films (and you've probably seen every single one of them), but a new film about the book trilogy is about to hit theatres and it highlights it in a great new way.

You've seen the movies about what happens inside the book, but now we're getting a movie about what happened to the millions of women when they first read it!

The trailer for a new movie called Book Club was released today and it's absolutely amazing for three main reasons.

Firstly, the film is about a group of women who read Fifty Shades Of Grey as part of their book club (hence the title) and soon begin to feel empowered by the novel, which is something that actually happened to a lot of women when they first started reading the book.

Secondly, the cast is a hoot and a half!

Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen all play best friends in the movie, each with their own lives and stories to be told.

But seriously, why haven't these women shared the screen before?!

Finally, Book Club is amazing because it highlights the true effect that a good book can have on someone's life.

In this case, it's a book about two overtly sexual people doing crazy things to each other...

Book Club hits theatres on May 18 and we'll see you in the queue when we're all buying tickets to see it!

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