This ‘Incredibles’ Spin-Off With Frozone’s Family NEEDS To Happen


This ‘Incredibles’ Spin-Off With Frozone’s Family NEEDS To Happen Crystal Hill

The Incredibles 2 was released recently and has helped reinvigorate our inner child, throwing us all back to when the first film was released. 

Tbh, we were more excited than all the little kids in the cinema. 

Thanks to the incredible success of the new movie, everyone’s already trying to come up with ideas for spin-off films, so our love for the franchise can live on. 

One idea that’s taking the cake, is having a spin-off movie based on Frozone and his family!

The idea took off after fans starting sharing an image by artist Crystal Hill, who had posted one of her imaginings of the Frozone family on Deviantart


Crystal had also included a short fan fiction for Frozone and his wife, Honey, and three made-up super children: Ember, Tyson, and Brooke. In Crystal's mind, Ember, can set things on fire; Tyson has a "special connection to plantlife"; and Brooke is able to control air currents.

Fans are taking to Twitter with more spin-off ideas and, along with the Frozone one, we’re gunning for an Edna standalone!


What spin-off do YOU want to see?

Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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