There's A Major Cameo in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' That We Missed & Our Minds Are Blown!

Did you notice it?

There's A Major Cameo in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' That We Missed & Our Minds Are Blown! Universal Pictures

Way back in 2008, a little movie about a guy trying to move on from his famous ex-girlfriend in Hawaii hit cinemas.

It was a wonderful flick filled with a cast that now, you couldn't escape even if you tried: Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader... we could go on.



It's a great movie filled with great moments, but one of the biggest moments involved a surprise celebrity cameo and people have only just noticed it now, 10 years after the film was released.

Remember that scene where Peter is at a bar, getting drunk and imitating the Sex And The City girls? 


Take a closer look at the first person who walks behind him...


Ladies and gentlemen, that is Cynthia Nixon, the woman who actually played Miranda in Sex In The City!

Twitter user David Ehrlich first pointed out the cameo and the internet went crazy!

The user has asked the cast to shine some light on this amazing cameo, but as of yet, no one has been able to explain whether it was planned, or if it just happened.

Cynthia was never listed in the credits of the film, hence the speculation and need for answers, but if you ask us, it's definitely her!

Well played Miranda, well played!


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