The ‘Slender Man’ Trailer Is Here For Viewing At Your Own Risk

We suggest watching with a friend.

The ‘Slender Man’ Trailer Is Here For Viewing At Your Own Risk Sony Pictures Entertainment

While the 'Slenderman' hype may have died down years ago, the official trailer for the much-anticipated film - 'Slender Man' is sure to bring it back because, well, it's eery af. 

Cringe-worthy violence, creepy bathroom scenes, possessed children, graveyards, dark woods, a dull greyscale colour scheme, and of course the man himself - the ~Slenderman~ the official movie trailer is teasing what looks to be all the ingredients of a truly skin-crawling horror flick. However, that being said, they're also all the ingredients of the ultimate cliché - I mean, a giggling toddler and maggots? Come on. 

There also seems to be no clear indication of a plot line within the entire two minutes and 39 seconds of the trailer - but hey, the creepypasta that is Slenderman has been around for so long, that we're guessing by this point they're just assuming you can follow along. 


If, however, you somehow managed to miss the whole Slenderman craze, here's a brief rundown of the beyond creepy fictional character: 

Originally created as a creepypasta Internet meme back in 2009, the Slender Man (or Slenderman) was illustrated as an abnormally tall and lanky mysterious man in a black suit with no specific made-out facial features. 


His general story was that he would stalk and abduct children from the woods, however, after many years has had multiple scary tales written about him. 

Anywho - if that sounds like your jam, the movie will be hitting cinemas soon enough. There's no release date just yet, but we'll be sure to let you know!