The Plot Of The Incredibles 2 Is Amazing & We Can't Take It

Disney is full of magicians!

The Plot Of The Incredibles 2 Is Amazing & We Can't Take It

Image: Disney

Over the weekend, the D23 conference was held in the U.S.

This conference is basically where everyone who has ever made a movie comes together to talk about what Disney movies they're making next.

Some HUGE films were mentioned during the conference and one of them was The Incredibles 2.



The guys at Pixar dropped A LOT of new information about the movie and we've never been so excited!

Firstly, the characters will look a bit different.



The first film was released way back in 2004 and in that time Pixar have gotten their hands on some pretty fancy technology which director Brad Bird says, will make the characters look A LOT better.

"The cool thing about doing this again is the technology is so much better.

"We've gotten them closer to how we wanted them in the first film.

"We have controls that can do so much more than before.

"It's like driving a better car." 

In the last movie, the Parr family ended up showing the whole world what kind of powers they have, so we'd hoped that they would now be accepted as superheroes.

Luckily, Brad said that they have been and guess what?

More superheroes are coming!

"We'll meet a new variety of superheroes with a variety of powers."


The original cast will all be coming back for the film, except for Spencer Fox who played Dash because understandably, he may not sound as young as he did 13 years ago and that's important because... 

The plot of The Incredibles 2 kicks off right after the first movie ended! 

So our characters actually would have only aged a few days. 


Now to the important stuff... the plot!

What will The Incredibles 2 actually be about?

Brad says that the movie will focus more on the escapades of Helen Parr aka Elastagirl whilst Bob Parr aka Mr Incredible, is a stay-at-home dad!


It'll also focus on Jack-Jack's powers because although the audience knows that the little bub has powers, the family still have no idea.

"So like many babies, he's pure potential.

"From the first film and the short, you the audience know that the baby has superpowers but the family is unaware."

A short clip was shown at the conference as well but unfortunately for us, it hasn't made its way on to the internet... yet.


Until then please enjoy this mini-documentary that the crew at Pixar made about our favourite fashion designer, Edna Mode.