The MAJOR Plot Holes In Christmas Film ‘The Holiday'

This MIGHT ruin the film for you

The MAJOR Plot Holes In Christmas Film ‘The Holiday' Columbia Pictures / Universal Pictures

Source: Cosmopolitan. 

We’ve all been catching up on our fave Christmas films to get ready for December 25, and one of those festive films is ‘The Holiday’. 




However, while some of us love it, some have quickly turned away from the film due to some major plot holes that have been spotted. 

Cosmopolitan’s Claire Hodgson took to the net to string together the plot holes and confuse us all. 




She pieced together the dates of when things were supposed to have happened in the film and realised the film seems to being a few days before Christmas, BUT then jumps back to mid-December. 

There’s a LOT to digest from her findings, so head HERE to discover them all!

Word of warning: this may ruin the film for you.