The Horror Movie ‘Scientifically Proven’ To Be The Scariest Of 2018

We're done with horror flicks...

The Horror Movie ‘Scientifically Proven’ To Be The Scariest Of 2018 a24

We’ve all been severely messed up from watching a horror movie and one of those flicks was Hereditary

It was some seriously crazy stuff and was the bump in the road 2018 didn’t really need, keeping us up at night, jumping at every squeak and creak. 

It turns out we weren’t alone in how freaked out we were by the film, because Hereditary has now been scientifically proven as the scariest one of the year…

Here’s the trailer if you need a refresher:


The studio behind the film, A24, carried out an experiment to test how scary the flick was, decking out 20 random cinema goers with Apple Watches as they watched Hereditary

The watches tracked their heart rates as the horror unfolded before their eyes and they put up all the results in a graph… 

Tbh, they’ve got us a little worried, because watching the film is the equivalent of 2 hours of exercise with how much their heartbeats got going!


FYI - a healthy resting heart rate is between 60 and 80 beats per minute. 

Their heart rates got to a massive 164bpm…

“Watching Hereditary is equivalent to 2 hours of exercise. Science doesn’t lie.”

Are we the only ones who agree with this?

Let us know if it scared you sh%$less in the Facebook comments!


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