The First Look At The New Joker Isn't What We Expected At All!

Joaquin taking the reigns...

The First Look At The New Joker Isn't What We Expected At All! DC Entertainment

There have been many interpretations of the iconic Batman villain, The Joker, in cinemas.

From Jack Nicholson's crazy interpretation alongside Michael Keaton's Batman...


To Heath Ledger's (RIP) haunting take in The Dark Knight...


And, of course, Jared Leto's absolutely insane version in Suicide Squad!


Now, The Joker is coming back again and will this time be played by Joaquin Phoenix.

The film will focus on The Joker's origin story and therefore, means we're not going to be getting the same green-haired, face-painted villain that we know.

Instead, we'll be meeting a man named Arthur.

The first image of Joaquin as Arthur, aka The Joker, has been posted on Instagram by Todd Phillips, the director of the new Joker film, and it's really paints a new picture of the comic book villain:


Arthur seems to be going back to a similar look that Heath donned in The Dark Knight, however, the more colourful and sleek make-up could come in later on.

But really, who knows?!

The as-yet-untitled Joker film is set for release in 2019. 

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