Surf’s Up: Blue Crush Is Getting A TV Remake!


Surf’s Up: Blue Crush Is Getting A TV Remake! Universal Pictures

Blue Crush is one of the ultimate girl power movies of the noughties, and it looks like the story might be coming back in TV form!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will be based on the 2002 hit movie, and will tell “the story of female empowerment and ambition in the world of Hawaii’s North Shore.


In the wake of a tragic accident, a surfer works to revive her career and bring pride to a local community threatened by commercialism and dangerous surf politics. Even in paradise, you never know what chaos is brewing inside the barrel.

The series will be written by Hanna Schneider (Reign) and produced by Brian Grazer (Friday Night Lights, 24) and Francie Calfo (Empire).

We can’t wait for this! 

Who would YOU want to play the lead character?

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