STOP EVERYTHING! 'Sweet Valley High' Is Coming To The Big Screen!

It's about time!

STOP EVERYTHING! 'Sweet Valley High' Is Coming To The Big Screen!

Image: Penguin Random House

Who DIDN'T read Sweet Valley High as a teen?

The books are just iconic and now, someone has FINALLY decided to bring the book series to the big screen!


The book series has previously been transformed into a TV series.

Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High was a huge hit when it premiered in 1994 but it sadly left the small screen in 1997, leaving us to head back to the books.

The Sweet Valley High series contains over 603 novels, so transforming it into a movie is no easy feat.


Luckily, Paramount Pictures have hired two of Hollywood's best writers to create the perfect script.

Kiwi Smith and Harper Dill will be taking us back into the lives of the Wakefield sisters.

This is HUGE news because these writers have helped create some of the most iconic movies and TV shows of the last decade.

Kiwi helped write some of your favourite teen comedies, including 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s The Man, Ella Enchanted, and Legally Blonde.


Whilst Harper has written some of the best episodes of The Mick and The Mindy Project.

It'll still be a while until we see the Wakefield sisters back in action, but the good news is that we know it's actually happening!

Our prayers have been answered!