Sharknado Might Get A Spin-Off, Coz It’s So Bad It’s Good

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Sharknado Might Get A Spin-Off, Coz It’s So Bad It’s Good Syfy Films / The Asylum

Sharknado is one of those movies so many people laughed in the face off, preaching that it would never get anywhere. 

Well, six films later and they’ve been proven wrong. 

The films definitely cater to a niche audience who love to binge on films that aren’t exactly Oscar-quality but provide some hilarious entertainment. 

The first Sharknado movie generated 604,000 unique tweets during the 8pm-3am timeframe after its debut - whereas Game Of Thrones red wedding ep only racked up 363,000.

If you’re one of those Sharknado fans, then you’ll be happy to know that the franchise isn’t exactly ending with the sixth film. spoke to the film’s star, Tara Reid, about the films and possibilities of a spin-off. 

When asked if she’d be onboard for it she replied, “Yeah, why not?

“April’s pretty badass. In the last movie she’s been cloned, so I play like 500 people. It’s crazy."

All it takes to get a spin-off in the works is to get everyone talking about it and the stars to sign on, right?

The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time will hit Foxtel’s Syfy channel Saturday at 2pm. 


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