Sandra Bullock's FREAKY Netflix Film Is 'A Quiet Place' But For Your Eyes

If you see it, you die...

Sandra Bullock's FREAKY Netflix Film Is 'A Quiet Place' But For Your Eyes Netflix

The horror suspense film that was this year’s A Quiet Place really shot some scares through our nerves and now a new film is dropping to Netflix that will raise all your goose bumps in a similar way!

Sandra Bullock’s latest film, Bird Box, will be dropping to Netflix and the first spooky trailer has just dropped!

Based on the 2014 novel of the same name, the premise is similar to A Quiet Place - except this time, instead of not speaking, they have to shield their eyes from everything!

A mysterious force has descended upon earth, determined to destroy the whole population.

All we know about this mysterious entity is that it takes on the form of your greatest fears and if you see it, you die.

In order to survive its wrath, you have to wear a blindfold and NEVER take it off. 

Goodbye Netflix and chill, we guess. 

Sandra’s character, Malorie, embarks on a journey with her children to one of the last safe havens, and has to do so while blindfolded! 

This is something truly special, with an excellent cast (Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes, BD Wong, Machine Gun Kelly, Jacki Weaver) and amazing director (Susanne Bier). 

Watch the trailer below and try not to cover your eyes!


Bird Box will drop on Netflix on December 21


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