Robert Pattinson Was Almost FIRED From Twilight


Robert Pattinson Was Almost FIRED From Twilight

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment. 

We could never imagine anyone but Robert Pattinson playing the beloved Edward Cullen

There is no arguing this point. He is and always will be the film version of Edward

But it turns out that he nearly lost the role… 


Robert revealed in an interview with Howard Stern, that he almost got fired for how seriously he took the role of Edward in Twilight!

AKA - how brooding and un-smiling he was as Edward

Robert revealed, “If you’re going into a relationship with someone, the way to make it really intense is if you can barely talk to each other, you can barely touch each other, it’s incredibly serious all the time.


“That’s what teenage relationships are. But everyone kind of wanted it to be, like, ‘No, they should just be, like, happy and having fun. That’s what people want.'”

His agent then stepped in, despite Robert thinking he was safe in having the role. 

“They flew up and were like, ‘You have to do the opposite of what you’re doing now or you’re going to get fired today.”

Robert said that the producers gave him a copy of Stephenie Meyer’s book and had highlighted it every time it mentioned that Edward smiled. 

Robert then highlighted all the times Edward frowned.

“I was probably going a little too miserable, so there was some kind of compromise made.”

Thankfully, Robert budged on the portrayal a bit and secured his role as Edward!