Pete Evans Hits Back After The AMA Try To Cancel His Netflix Diet Documentary

Do you think it should be pulled?

Pete Evans Hits Back After The AMA Try To Cancel His Netflix Diet Documentary Pete Evans Instagram

My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans has taken to social media to slam the Australian Medical Association president, Dr Tony Bartone, after he spoke to Fairfax media about wanting to remove the celebrity chef’s documentary, The Magic Pill, from Netflix.

Produced and narrated by Evans, the documentary suggests that a paleo diet, high in protein and fat but low in carbs, can significantly reduce a multitude of health complications “from asthma to autism.”

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age both published an article online which saw Dr Bartone express concern over the documentary’s influence on vulnerable health sufferers, who may opt for the dietary advice in the film, rather than advice from health professionals.

"All forms of media have to take a responsible attitude when trying to spread a message of wellness," Dr Bartone told the publication.

"Netflix should do the responsible thing. They shouldn't screen it. The risk of misinformation ... is too great.

"I respect Pete Evans' ability and expertise in the kitchen, but that's where it begins and ends.

"I would never dream of telling him how to prepare a meal. However, when it comes to the trusted health of our patients, everyone should turn to a health professional. That is, in the first instance, your GP."


Pete Evans has now hit back at the comments on social media, questioning the AMA's real intentions:

“Does the head of the AMA believe that eating vegetables and fruit with a side of well sourced meat/seafood/eggs to be a dangerous way of life? If so can they please share the evidence that this way of eating is detrimental to the health of human beings.

“Perhaps the bigger question to ask would be,'is the head of the AMA fearful of people in Australia becoming healthy? What would this mean to their industry?'

“Modern medicine is fabulous and vitally needed as we do say in the film, however, when 70-80% of illness is diet/lifestyle related, then shouldn’t prevention be a considered approach?

“The information that is shared in the film by leading cardiologists, neurologists, doctors and scientists has prevention at the top of their priorities and to be used as an adjunct to modern medicine which ultimately is a holistic approach.”

The post is a lengthy one, so feel free to read it in full here:


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