Natalie Portman’s NEW Movie Is Even Better Than ‘Black Swan’!

Give her an Oscar already!

Natalie Portman’s NEW Movie Is Even Better Than ‘Black Swan’! Neon Films

We became obsessed with Natalie Portman in Star Wars, she wowed us in Black Swan and freaked us out in Annihilation, and now she’s back for what has to be one of her best performances to date!

Her new film, Vox Lux, follows Natalie as a high-profile singer, and also stars Jude Law. 


The film starts in 1999, when teenage sisters Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) and Eleanor survive a violent tragedy. 

They then, together, write a song about their experience and aim big with the help of their talent manager, played by Jude Law. 

The rest of the film is set in 2017, when Celeste (Natalie), now 31, is a mother to a teenager and is struggling to navigate through her career full of scandals, while her sister, Eleanor (Stacy Martin), sticks around to pick up the pieces.

Check out the trailer below!


Vox Lux will hit cinemas this December. 


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