Margot Robbie's Next Movie Is Set To Be A Bloodbath!

This is going to be crazy!

Margot Robbie's Next Movie Is Set To Be A Bloodbath!

Image: Warner Bros.

Who knew that when Margot Robbie first came onto our TV screens in Neighbours that she would then go on to take over Hollywood!

The Aussie angel has been in some of the best films of the last few years and now, she's apparently about to start working with one of the most famous movie directors ever.


The film won't be for the faint-hearted though, this one is set to be a bloodbath!

How do we know?

We've got two words for you: Quentin Tarantino.


According to Deadline, Margot is set to star in Quentin's next project, which is a drama surrounding the Manson family murders in the U.S.

She's supposedly in talks to play Sharon Tate, an actress who was murdered back in 1969.

Her death shook the entire world, not only because she was famous, but because the murder was gory AF.

So this is right down Quentin's ally.



Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are also being considered for roles in the film but that is yet to be confirmed.

This film will be messy but we're SO ready for it!