Here's Why Michael Wasn't In 'The Princess Diaries 2', In Case You Were Wondering

We miss you, Michael!

Here's Why Michael Wasn't In 'The Princess Diaries 2', In Case You Were Wondering Disney

If you're an avid fan of The Princess Diaries and completely shipped Mia Thermopolis and Michael Moscovitz when they (spoiler alert, but let's be real, it came out in 2001 so if you still haven't seen it well, that's on you!) finally got together at the end of the movie, you were probably very annoyed when you found out that he wasn't going to be in the sequel.

At the very beginning of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, we saw Mia writing in her regal diary and explaining that she had to break up with Michael, her high school sweetheart, because he went on tour with his band and well, she moved to Genovia to be a princess.


If you were a fan of the books that the movies were based on, you would know that Michael was always the man for Mia and there was never a marriage to the ponsy Nicholas Devereaux, Chris Pine's character.

Unfortunately, that's just not how it went down in the movies...


Now though, we know why Michael was cut from The Princess Diaries 2 and we're going to be honest... it's not a good enough excuse.

We NEEDED more Michael!

Turns out that the actor who played Michael in the first movie, Robert Schwartzman, is actually in a band called Rooney in real life and when they went to film the second movie, the actor and muso was too busy touring with his band!

The filming schedule and his touring schedule conflicted and instead of replacing him with another actor, his character was cut out of the movie entirely!


We still ship Mia and Michael though, sorry Nicholas...