Fans Upset That Dumbledore WON'T Be Gay In Fantastic Beasts 2

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Fans Upset That Dumbledore WON'T Be Gay In Fantastic Beasts 2 Warner Bros.

Everyone’s hyped for the new Fantastic Beasts film, but fans aren’t too happy that Dumbledore won’t be portrayed as gay in the upcoming films...

Over a decade ago, J.K. Rowling revealed to fans that Albus Dumbledore was gay, and that he had even been in love with the infamous Gellert Grindelwald when he was younger. 

So, due to this info, fans were expecting that the second Fantastic Beasts film would introduce his sexuality into the series. 

Now, according to the director of the second film, David Yates, fans have learned that the film will indeed NOT touch on the information, and fans aren’t happy about it. 

When asked if it would be included, David replied, "Not explicitly.

“But I think all the fans are aware of that. He had a very intense relationship with Grindelwald when they were young men. They fell in love with each other’s ideas, and ideology and each other.”

David also touched on what Dumbledore will be like in the franchise, revealing, “He’s a maverick and a rebel and he’s an inspiring teacher at Hogwarts. He’s witty and has a bit of edge. He’s not this elder statesman. He’s a really kinetic guy. And opposite Johnny Depp as Grindelwald, they make an incredible pairing.”


While the second film won’t address his sexuality, there may still be a chance of it being brought into the plot somehow later on. 

J.K. Rowling revealed, “I can’t tell you everything I would like to say because this is obviously a five-part story so there’s lots to unpack in that relationship.

“You will see Dumbledore as a younger man and quite a troubled man — he wasn’t always the sage…We’ll see him at that formative period of his life. As far as his sexuality is concerned … watch this space.”

J.K. Rowling was attacked by fans on Twitter who were upset by the decision to not portray him as gay in the sequel, and she has since responded. 


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