‘Clueless’ Is Getting A REBOOT, Coz The 90’s Will Never Die

‘You’re a virgin who can’t drive’

‘Clueless’ Is Getting A REBOOT, Coz The 90’s Will Never Die Paramount Pictures

The iconic piece of '90s history that is the film Clueless, is getting a reboot and we’re ready to shout a) LET’S DO A MAKEOVER, or b) we're totally buggin’!

It all depends on whether this is going to pay homage to the original, or mess things up and try to make it unrecognisable. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has taken on the production of the reboot of the beloved film. 

The fine details of the remake, such as cast, plot line, etc., are all being kept tightly under wraps, but the reboot is definitely a GO. 


This isn’t the only resurgence of the story we will be seeing, because we’re also getting a Clueless musical!


Paul Rudd recently spoke to Vanity Fair about the onstage adaptation, revealing, “I’m glad that it’s coming to the stage.

“It seems that a lot of films are making the transition to the stage, and I absolutely believe you can have a great show on Broadway be from a film. People look at Clueless fondly. I certainly think it would translate well.”


We really hope some of the OG stars will cameo in this!


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