Béyonce Might Play Nala In 'The Lion King' Remake & We Are LOSING IT

Please let this be true!

Béyonce Might Play Nala In 'The Lion King' Remake & We Are LOSING IT

Image Credit: Disney. 

Source: NME

Disney has been remaking all of our fave classics lately, and the next film to get a live-action remake is none other than The Lion King

People have been skeptic about just how well the film will go down, considering the original was so darn perfect, but ever since cast announcements have been rolling out, people have been getting even more excited about the project!

Now, the next star that could be joining this all-star cast has us losing our sh@#, because Béyonce is reportedly in talks to play Nala and she would be PERFECT!


Director Jon Favreau reportedly revealed to NME that he has his heart set on Béyonce for the role of Nala and will do all he can to bring her on to the project. 

With the work he has done over the years we think he'll have the influence to pull B over to the the production. 

It would seem like a great opportunity for Béyonce, who is currently pregnant with twins, to step into more child-focused projects like many other actors have done when they welcome kids into the world (think Angelina Jolie stepping onboard to be in Maleficent!). 

We think she would be perfect for the role!