A Supergirl Movie Could Be Happening Very Soon

So many superheroes...

A Supergirl Movie Could Be Happening Very Soon The CW

Because Hollywood just can't get enough of superheroes at the moment, it looks like a Supergirl movie could be on the way!

Supergirl is currently a very popular TV series on The CW in the U.S., which is the very same company that created The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and all of the other supernatural shows that you love.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. and DC have brought Oren Uziel, writer of the incredibly hilarious 22 Jump Street, on board to write the film's script, but are still looking for a producer.

Actress Melissa Benoist is currently playing Supergirl in the TV series, however, it looks like they may not be bringing her in for the film... for whatever silly reason.

If you're not familiar with Supergirl, she escaped Krypton with her younger cousin, a boy who grew up to become Clark Kent, but as you could probably already tell, they both grew up and lived out their lives in different cities.

Who do you think should play Supergirl in the new movie?

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