A Hunger Games Theme Park Exists & May The Odds Be In Our Favour


A Hunger Games Theme Park Exists & May The Odds Be In Our Favour Lionsgate Entertainment

The Hunger Games took over the globe with a massive fan base, who loved both the book series and the films. 

Now, that fandom has stepped to a whole new level, because there’s going to be a Hunger Games THEME PARK & we were not ready for this… 


Lionsgate Entertainment Company have just revealed they are going to launch an interactive Hunger Games experience in South Korea. 

The press release revealed that people will have the ability to “experience actual movie scenes.”

It isn’t clear what the exact experience will be, or in which district it will take place, but this is some next level sh@#!


The Hunger Games World opening is set to be a part of Lionsgate Movie World, that will have different zones for different movies, like the layout of Disneyland

The park will also include rides, recreated environments, themed restaurants, and live performances. 

More theme park additions to be announced shortly!!! STAY TUNED!

Should we be excited… or scared?


We’ll have to wait a while, though, construction on the park begins next year and it is expected to open in 2019.