You Should Be Using A Steam Room Instead Of A Sauna & Here's Why

Do you use one?

You Should Be Using A Steam Room Instead Of A Sauna & Here's Why Healthline

How many times have you gone to the gym, pumped out a workout, and then headed into the sauna for a quick detox?

If you've done this quite a lot, then you'll know how beneficial these beautiful rooms can be, but have you ever considered swapping your sauna for a steam room?

For those who don't use a sauna on the regular, but were looking to try it out, we'd suggest skipping straight to the steam room instead, because they're actually a lot better for you!

You may have heard a few people talking about steam rooms recently, or seen a few articles about them on the internet and if you're a bit confused about why these rooms are having a moment, and what makes them so special, then take a seat, because we have A LOT to tell you.

Firstly, we know what you're thinking, aren't steam rooms just saunas with a different name?

Sorry, but no.


Stream rooms and saunas are similar and are both used for relaxation and to relieve medical conditions, but there are a few big differences.

Saunas use dry air created by a wood or electric stove in the centre of the room, whereas steam rooms actually use moist air that is pumped into the room by a water-filled generator.

The temperature of a sauna is generally always a lot higher than a steam room as well, which you probably would have guessed, and it has significantly less humidity than a steam room.

So, now that you know the difference between the two, here's why you should consider visiting a steam room after your next workout!

Improves Circulation


Yes, saunas are good for you as they help release toxins from your body, but they're not as good for you as a steam room, believe it or not.

Steam rooms can improve circulation and assist the cardiovascular system, especially in older visitors.

A study conducted in 2012 proved that moist heat can dilate small blood vessels and capillaries to help oxygen and blood flow better throughout the body.

Moist heat has also been proven to help reduce blood pressure and help repair broken skin tissue caused by wounds and ulcers.

Helps Reduce Acne


You may have heard people tell you that to get rid of acne, you need to pop your head over a bowl of boiling hot water and let the steam penetrate your pores.

Well, steam rooms do that, but to your entire body.

Warm condensation can rinse away dirt and dead skin, and has also been proven to get rid of toxins beneath the skin that most saunas cannot reach.

Soothes Muscles


This is something saunas can do, but a steam room can do it 10 times better!

The immediate application of moist heat to the body after a workout not only reduces pain, but it also preserves muscle strength, meaning that you'll feel just as strong coming out of the room as you did during your workout!

Reduces Stress


When you're sitting in a steam room, a hormone called cortisol, which is directly related to stress, is decreased.

This is great for you because when the level of cortisol drops, people feel more rejuvenated and more in control.

You'll Burn Calories


When you enter a steam room, your heart rate increases and if you enter one straight after a workout, it'll prolong your speedy heart rate, helping you recover and reduce your waistline!

One thing to consider though, is that you cannot burn as many calories sitting in a steam room as you would during your normal workout.

You also need to drink a lot of water before entering a steam room to avoid dehydration and stay in there for no longer than 20 minutes. 

Safety first, guys!

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