You Can Get EXACT Plush Toy Replicas Of Your Pets!


You Can Get EXACT Plush Toy Replicas Of Your Pets! Cuddle Clones

We all LOVE our pets and while we would love to have them cuddled up next to us while we sleep, it’s not always something we get to do…

Until now. 

The company Cuddle Clones specialises in creating plush toy versions of your pets so you can cuddle them all night, or have a special thing to remember them by if they’ve gone to pet heaven. 

Cuddle Clones creates custom stuffed animals of your pet, from dogs to rabbits, cats to horses, you name it!

They work off images of your pet, perfecting the tail, ears, mouth, body and position of them to make sure they’re as exact as they can be!


A portion of each sale is donated to pet causes around the world, so it’s going to a good cause as well!

They even have other arrays of items, including:

  • Plush Toy pet replicas
  • Holiday Stockings
  • Plush SLippers
  • Plush Creations
  • Custom Figurines
  • Custom Ornaments
  • Custom Necklaces
  • Memorials
  • Customised Cartoons
  • Custom Collars
  • Custom Dog shirts and hoodies
  • And more…


Sound like the perfect gift for yourself or a friend?

Shop them HERE!


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