You Can Now Buy Matching PJs For You & Your Pooch!

Dreams do come true!

You Can Now Buy Matching PJs For You & Your Pooch! @petitpennybg Instagram

Didn't get what you wanted for Xmas? You can now outfit match with your four-legged bestie for bedtime!

This is serious, y'all. 

You eat together, sleep together, exercise together, and tear apart the couches together, okay maybe not that last one but don't you ever wish there was a way for you and your doggo to become even closer?

Well, we have the answer: matching PJs! 

Think about all those nights spent at home, lounging around in your pyjamas, pooch on lap - great memories, sure. But now, picture that, except you and your dog are in matching pyjamas.


FabDog has dropped a range of dog AND human sleepwear, to help you fulfil your BFF goals. 


Unfortunately, the matching sets are all sold out for the moment, however, FabDog will be restocking on November 25! 

If you haven't already started your Christmas wishlist - the time is now.