You Can Now Buy Keychain Game Boys & 2018 Never Looked So Retro

Childhood rebooted...

You Can Now Buy Keychain Game Boys & 2018 Never Looked So Retro PocketSprite

Sometimes, being an adult can be exhausting, and all we want to do is kick up our feet and feel like a kid again.

Well, now there’s a new invention that might help you do exactly that, because someone has made a Keychain version of a Game Boy and we can’t think of anything we want more…

This tiny Game Boy isn’t a Nintendo product.

It’s called a PocketSprite and was crowdfunded on Crowd Supply more than a year ago, and now it’s finally available to purchase!


Jeroen Domburg, the creator of the PocketSprite, has joined up with manufacturer Steve K. and are seeking to raise enough funds to get this off the ground!

The unit is complete with:

  • OLED screen
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in speaker
  • Dual-core, 240 MHz ESP32 processor
  • 520b RAM
  • … all in a tiny compact unit!


It comes with built-in emulators which are able to play the following games:

  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Colour
  • Game Gear
  • Sega Master System

In order for you to add games to it, it has its own wi-fi network that allows you to transfer games from your computer!

There are currently TWO versions of this beauty on Crowd Supply - a DIY kit, or a pre-assembled unit.

There are early bid deals which will ship by April 15.

Prices begin at AUD$57.85.

Shop it HERE