You Can Now Get PAID To Play Macca’s Monopoly, So Quit Your Job

Dream job alert...

You Can Now Get PAID To Play Macca’s Monopoly, So Quit Your Job McDonald's / Monopoly

It’s almost that time of the year, where we go a little cray-cray trying to win all those snazzy prices on offer in the McDonald’s Monopoly game, when, really, we don’t have much of a chance. 

While we may not be able to rake in the moolah trying to win the game, there is a way to make some money playing it, because people are legit getting paid to travel to McDonald’s restaurants in the UK to buy meals in order to collect stickers for people… 

The hourly rate is around $82 AUD, and includes two large meals and travel expenses and bonuses if prizes are won. 

This is all thanks to the McDonald’s Monopoly Pro Players service, which helps players increase their chances of scoring the top prizes. 

The Pro players collect stickers for customers who a) don’t have time to do it themselves, or b) just want to reap the rewards without the hard work. 

So, yeah, we think we might take leave and go on a vacation to the UK so we can go pro at this..

You can find out more about the service HERE


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