You Can Learn How To Make A House Plant Love You Now!

Need some love?

You Can Learn How To Make A House Plant Love You Now! Pinterest

Relationships can be hard and sometimes, when you love someone they don't always love you back and as Kate Winslet told the world in The Holiday, it hurts like hell.

Luckily, you can now take a course to teach you how to make your house plants love you!

This may sound insane, but hear us out.


You look after your houseplants, making sure they get enough sunlight and water to continue to grow and oxygenate your home.

They're high maintenance (well, some of them are), but you love them anyway.

Now, you can get a handy audio-visual course to help you understand plants on a deeper level, making sure that your precious plants feel more comfortable in your home.


The course is called How To Make A Plant Love You and has information about plants that will thrive in your home, troubleshooting cranky plants and how to best utilise your space with new leafy friends.

The course was created by Summer Rayne Oaks, a plant enthusiast who wants to encourage us to become a little more attuned with nature.

How To Make A Plant Love You is available through Kickstarter and costs a donation of $126 or more, however, if that is just a bit too steep for you, if you pledge between $32 - $64 to access handy guides.


Now go and hug your plants!